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Book Front Cover - Managing A Consumer Lending Business
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Chapter One Introduction:
An overview of the consumer lending business.

Chapter Two Planning Consumer Lending Products:
The steps required to plan new consumer lending products or to revise existing ones.

Chapter Three Acquiring and Screening Customers:
The methods used to acquire and screen new customers, including the impact of negative selection.

Chapter Four Credit Scoring:
Developing and monitoring the scoring systems used to rank order new and existing customers for risk, profitability, collectability, etc.

Chapter Five Direct Mail Acquiring Process:
Developing and running a successful mail campaign to acquire new accounts.

Chapter Six Portfolio Management:
Developing strategies to encourage good customers to use your products and to control an existing portfolio.

Chapter Seven Collection Strategies:
Planning a complete collection strategy, including the frequency and severity of each contact.

Chapter Eight Collection Tactics:
Implementing the collection strategy and measuring the results of collector performance.

Chapter Nine Indirect Lending:
An overview of the vehicle lending and leasing businesses, including the role of the dealer and the manufacturer.

Chapter Ten The Home Mortgage Business:
An overview of the home mortgage lending (first and second) businesses , including the underwriting process (sometimes automated), securitization, collections, and foreclosure.

Chapter Eleven Profit Analysis:
A review of the concept of lifetime profitability analysis by product and sub-product.

Chapter Twelve Management Information:
The importance of developing and using management information to analyze and control every aspect of the business; includes sample reports.

Chapter Thirteen Organization and Management:
Identifying alternate methods of organizing to manage consumer lending businesses.

Chapter Fourteen Managing in a Recession:
Identifying when an economic downturn occurs and suggested steps a business should take to mitigate the impact.

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