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Seminar Training - Background and Objectives

Solomon-Lawrence Partners runs a three day seminar, Consumer Credit: Managing Risk and Reward, for many of the leading banks and financial institutions. Since 1985, close to 300 programs have been run domestically in the USA and overseas. The program helps foster a credit culture within an organization by allowing staff from different functional areas to work together to solve problems and improve profits in today's highly competitive environment.

Consumer Credit focuses on maximizing profits through four themes:
  The Credit Cycle  
Balancing credit risk/reward to optimize profits
Managing actuarially (by the odds)
Planning for accurate predictions
Managing the entire credit cycle to control and grow the portfolio


Lectures, exercises, and a computer-based, profit modeling simulation are used to teach the principles of the consumer lending business. Approximately one-third of the course is spent on each of the three teaching methods.

The group exercises reinforce the subject matter of the course and allow participants to put into practice the principles taught during class sessions. Group exercises and presentations assure active involvement by participants; team assignments provide a cross-fertilization of the diverse experiences of the participants and a competitive spirit contributes a sense of urgency to the learning experience.

  What they are saying about Consumer Credit: Managing Risk and Reward

"This course was very beneficial. I'm amazed at how much I learned in three days. Thanks! "

"It was very good and the instructors were excellent. I think it would be beneficial if it were offered more frequently."

"I've never seen a team of trainers/experts who were so uniformly supportive, positive and knowledgeable. Great class!"

"Probably the best professional training course I've ever been through."
"Very well put together. Keeps your attention and helps you learn through group programs and exercises."

"The simulation game and the product planning exercise were excellent opportunities to apply the different topics and techniques learned throughout the three days."

"It was beneficial to see the entire credit life cycle, even the parts I am already familiar with. Seeing it together provides context and demonstrates the relevance of one piece of the cycle to the others."

The program helps foster a credit culture within an organization by allowing staff from different functional areas to work together in today's highly competitive environment.
The program can be customized to meet the needs of an individual organization. For example, when the course is given to individuals in a credit card business, the standard program is oriented to the high volume, consumer lending products, primarily revolving credit. If individuals work in an organization with a full range of products, a lecture on secured home mortgage and auto loan products is included. Additionally, the products used in the simulation are chosen to match the products represented in the class.
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